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Client X recently migrated from China to Australia and his English is poor. Client X is interested in buying a Sushi shop with his business partner Y whom he met in a friend’s party. The client had limited experience in retail business while his business partner had over 3 years’ working experience in retail business. Client X was worried about whether he could get along with his business partner as he never worked with Y and he would make most of financial contribution to this Sushi business.

Our solicitor drafted the shareholder agreement which would protect the interest of Client X from Y, conducted the due diligence of the business, reviewed the lease of the Sushi shop and drafted the new employment contract of essential staff. Client X is satisfied with our legal service as he felt released when the previous owner handled the business to him. APL’s solicitors understand our client’s individual circumstance and provide effective solution.

Lily Ma

APL Solicitor


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